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According to The Remote Career Lounge “Our mission is one and all should have the best career that matches their lifestyle. We want to create a more equal world by making it promising for companies far and wide to hire people anywhere.

Our goal is that sustainable careers should develop with more freedom and flexibility based off lifestyles of others. We want to give our members more direction when it comes to career-related targets.”

Quick Facts

Best ForMilitary Spouses
IndustryAdministration, Communications and Public Relations, Customer Service, Design, Engineering and Construction, Finance, Health Care, Human Resources, Industrial and Manufacturing, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Technology
EmploymentRemote, Permanent
Job LevelEntry-Level
Military or Veteran Focus?No
Veteran or Spouse-Owned?No
Where do they place people?Nationwide
ServicesJob board, Remote Career Lounge membership - access to the Remote Career Academy, resource library, certificates, goal setting, job information

Military & Veteran Focus

Who would The Remote Career Lounge be best for?

The Remote Career Lounge would be best for military spouses looking for remote jobs. 

Does The Remote Career Lounge offer specialized service(s) to veterans, transitioning military or military spouses?

Yes, while they are open to all types of people, they focus on military spouses. 

Does The Remote Career Lounge offer discounts to military or veterans?

Their services are free for the Remote Career Lounge membership. 

Is The Remote Career Lounge veteran-owned?

No, it is not veteran-owned but military spouse-owned. 

Job Types & Locations

What areas of the country do they place people?

They help you find remote jobs.  

What kinds of jobs does The Remote Career Lounge place people in?

The Remote Career Lounge helps you find a job in a variety of industries. 

What types of jobs do they recruit for?

  • Part-Time 
  • Full-Time 
  • Remote Jobs

Job Levels

The Remote Career Lounge helps you find jobs in a variety of job levels.

What companies does The Remote Career Lounge work with?

They are a community-led resource hub and partner with different companies.

Unique Services & Programs

What makes them unique? 

The Remote Career Lounge offers a free membership. This is a community-led resource hub that offers a community app, resource library, access to the Remote Career Academy, top certificates, job information, practice projects, goal setting and monthly challenges, and more. They also offer resources and blog posts on the website. 


Where is The Remote Career Lounge located? 

The Remote Career Lounge is located in the United States. 

Do they have offices around the country?

It does not appear they have additional offices around the country. 

The Remote Career Lounge Review

The Remote Career Lounge has a great, modern website. While they are not a recruiting website, they seem to have a great membership program to help connect you with others and to find a remote job. They offer a lot of resources for those looking for a job. 

The Remote Career Lounge Testimonials

There does not appear to be any public reviews about the Remote Career Lounge.