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According to 7 Eagle Group, “7 Eagle Group aims to serve Military Veterans and Active Duty Service Members, to be their lifelong advocates, and build better communities by connecting them with rewarding careers and companies that value their skills, grit, and experience.”

Who would 7 Eagle Group be best for?

7 Eagle Group would be best for military spouses, veterans, and service members who will be leaving the military soon and looking for a job.

What types of jobs do they recruit for?

  • Full-Time
  • Remote
  • In-person

What kinds of jobs does 7 Eagle Group place people in?

7 Eagle Group puts people in jobs in cyber security and emerging technologies. They also have a sister company, FreelanceVets, where you can find work-from-home part and full-time positions. They have quite a list of categories within their job search.

Job Levels

  • Degreed
  • Non-degreed

What areas of the country do they place people?

They place people in jobs nationwide.

Does 7 Eagle Group offer specialized service(s) to the military community?

Yes, they are exclusive for veterans, active duty, and military spouses.

Does 7 Eagle Group offer specialized service(s) to veterans?

Yes, they are exclusive for veterans, active duty, and military spouses. They offer a job board, career webinars, the ability to network with other veterans, and free remote training classes in cyber security, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. They offer a Skillbridge program and are an authorized DoD SkillBridge Program provider.

Does 7 Eagle Group offer discounts to military or veterans?

Their services are free of charge.

What companies does 7 Eagle Group work with?

7 Eagle Group has many partners such as Amazon, Facebook, Outback, Intel, iHeartRadio, Vanguard, Xerox, and Infiniti.

Is 7 Eagle Group veteran-owned?

7 Eagle Group is veteran-owned.

What makes them unique?

7 Eagle Group has a lot to offer with their SkillBridge program. It is for transitioning service members where they can gain in-depth, on the job training, job shadowing, and a huge competitive edge at launching a post-military career. Within the program, service members can leave service up to six months early so they can obtain the experience they need to land a high-paying and rewarding job. After being approved by your commanding officer, you will be relieved of all of your military responsibilities, yet continue to receive your government salary and full benefits while you work for the new company.

They also offer other benefits such as career webinars, networking opportunities, mentors and opportunities to mentor someone, resume writing help, interview tips, and more. They also have a Secret Clearance Network.

Where is 7 Eagle Group located?

Their headquarters is in Amherst, MA.

Do they have offices around the country?

They do not appear to have any more offices around the country.

7 Eagle Group Review

7 Eagle Group has a decent website. You can easily find where you want to go. You can go to their Talent Network to look for jobs or sign up for their SkillBridge program. Within the job search, you can search by job title, location, and categories.

7 Eagle Group Testimonials

“Great owner who is passionate about helping connect military veterans with employers nationwide. I enjoyed my time with 7Eagle, but needed to transition for personal reasons.” – Indeed

“7 Eagle Group is committed to recruiting for you, and your needs. They are committed to you as the Veteran as well as the clients they serve. They go above and beyond throughout the entire process-from the moment you are contacted or you contact them to the instant you are employed. I was blown away by their immense support and that it doesn’t just stop there. They continue to work with you and mentor you and it’s truly a blessing.They are truly incredible, thank you for all that you do!” – Facebook

Contact Info

Contact 7 Eagle Group through their contact page.