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According to AmeriCrew, “Our nation’s infrastructure system—the fundamental facilities and systems that support its sustainability, while thriving in most areas, has been neglected in others, and without good reason. We are changing that; by investing our time and effort in what matters to us most—the underlying framework of our country and the future of our Veterans.”

Quick Facts

Best ForActive Military, Veterans
IndustryAdministration, Engineering and Construction, Finance, Operations, Technology
EmploymentFull-Time, Permanent
Job LevelMid-Level
Military or Veteran Focus?Yes
Veteran or Spouse-Owned?Yes
Where do they place people?Nationwide
ServicesJob board

Military & Veteran Focus

Who would AmeriCrew be best for?

AmeriCrew would be best for veterans getting ready to transition out of the military or veterans who are already out. 

Does AmeriCrew offer specialized service(s) to veterans, transitioning military or military spouses?

Yes, they do offer specialized service to veterans, and those transitioning from the military. They work to help those separating from service and support them by creating opportunities for careers and the ability to continue to support their families. 

Does AmeriCrew offer discounts to military or veterans?

Their services are free.

Is AmeriCrew veteran-owned?

Yes, it does appear that AmeriCrew is veteran-owned.

Job Types & Locations

What areas of the country do they place people?

They help you with jobs throughout the US, however, at the moment they seem to only have jobs listed in Indiana. 

What kinds of jobs does AmeriCrew place people in?

AmeriCrew helps you find a job in a variety of industries:

  • Fiber
  • 5G and Wireless
  • Clean Energy

What types of jobs do they recruit for?

  • Full-time 

Job Levels

  • Mid-Level

What companies does AmeriCrew work with?

They partner with fully certified and “Veteran Ready” companies. They have partnered with multiple military bases that can help introduce the career opportunities current and retired military have with AmeriCrew. They also have partnered with training facilities in NJ, and VA, with one opening in TX. 

Unique Services & Programs

What makes them unique? 

AmeriCrew has a focus on veterans and finding them the right job within a few different industries. They have a mission of building out the infrastructure of the US while also building up those who have served it. 


Where is AmeriCrew located? 

AmeriCrew ’s headquarters are in Dumont, NJ.

Do they have offices around the country?

They do not appear to have offices around the country. 

AmeriCrew Review

AmeriCrew has a good website. It appears that they are still adding to it. They do have a small job board but at the moment there are only 5 jobs listed, all in the state of Indiana. You can search using job titles or keywords, location, or work types. You can also submit your resume and they will search for jobs for you. 

AmeriCrew Testimonials

Three months ago I started to transition from four years in the Marine Corp. I was stationed in Hawaii and had no idea where I was going to work or how I was going to support my family when I separated from service.  I was fortunate to get connected to AmeriCrew, got trained, hired, and started an OJT Apprenticeship in 5G Wireless – I tell my battle buddies that I found not just a job, but a career!”.-AmeriCrew Testimonials 

After serving 12 years in the Marine Corps and reaching the rank of SSGT I found when I separated, I was searching for something as all Veterans are.  Well, I found it with Kelley Dunne and AmeriCrew.   The ability to be part of such a fine example of leadership, mentorship, and training that is offered is second to none.  If you are searching for a purpose and the ability to lay your head down at night knowing you have accomplished something every day look no further.”-AmeriCrew