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Boutique Recruiting

According to Boutique Recruiting, “Boutique Recruiting places financial, accounting and administrative professionals throughout Southern California. We add a personalized touch to job placements by taking the time to meet with both candidates and hiring companies to find the candidate that fits in best with the company’s culture. Think of us as an extension of your recruiting department.”

Who would Boutique Recruiting be best for?

Boutique Recruiting would be good for veterans, service members, and military spouses who live in the San Diego area. 

What types of jobs do they recruit for?

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Contract
  • Permanent
  • Consulting

What kinds of jobs does Boutique Recruiting place people in?

  • Financial
  • Accounting
  • Administrative
  • Clerical
  • Customer service/call center
  • Human resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Healthcare
  • Mortgage
  • Nonprofit
  • Publishing
  • Sales/business development
  • Supply chain
  • Technology
  • Travel & tourism

Job Levels

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-level
  • Management

What areas of the country do they place people?

Southern California and Warrenville, IL

Does Boutique Recruiting offer specialized service(s) to the military community?

They offer boutique job matching services and are not associated with the military nor offer any specific discounts to the military community.

Does Boutique Recruiting offer specialized service(s) to veterans?

They do not offer any specialized services to veterans.  

Does Boutique Recruiting offer discounts to military or veterans?

They do not offer any discounts to the military or veterans. 

What companies does Boutique Recruiting work with?

They represent several companies in the Southern California area. 

Is Boutique Recruiting veteran-owned?

It does not appear that Boutique Recruiting is currently veteran-owned. 

What makes them unique?

When it comes to their candidates, they want to meet with everyone in person to really get to know what they need.

Almost all of the jobs you can find are in Southern California, but they do have a category for Warrenville, IL.

Where is Boutique Recruiting located?

Boutique Recruiting is a recruiting agency located in San Diego, CA. 

Do they have offices around the country?

Just in San Diego, CA

Contact Info

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