Military Transition Roadmap – Step 1

defining your focus

Step 1: Defining Your Focus

Why is it important to define your focus?

The first mistake people make is to start the process without defining their focus. Defining your focus allows you and your family to visualize what success looks like before beginning your transition or new career search. You must do the work and take the time to write down what your focus is, this process brings clarity and direction.

Key Areas to Define:

    • Location
    • Career Focus
    • Industry

Defining these key areas of focus gives you more insight into:

    • Where to find a job
    • Salary ranges in that area
    • Connections you might need to make
    • Cost of living to name a few

Industry and Career Research

It is important to put your time into researching your career options and what is available on the market. Take the time to research the industries you are interested in and companies within those industries and roles of interest.

Benefits of Industry and Career Research:

    • Help narrow your focus and give you a direction
    • Give you an idea of how you should market yourself to potential employers
    • Eliminates industries or career fields that you thought you might be interested in.
    • Insights on average compensation, and role requirements
    • Consider work atmosphere from employee reviews
    • Discover education and experience shortcomings that you can work to overcome
    • The advantage when tailoring your resume and interview responses to terms that are meaningful to them

Why doing the exercise is important?

Securing the optimal career path requires work upfront. Spending time defining your focus will help narrow your efforts and be more effective in the long run.

This first task should be completed with anyone who will be influencing your career choice or move (spouse). Completing this task together will help make sure everyone is aligned toward your success.

Take the time to fill out the “Defining Your Focus” Worksheet to help your job search be more strategic and geared toward your goals.


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