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SOAR Consulting, Inc.


Where is SOAR located?

According to their website, SOAR Consulting specializes in delivering experienced leadership talent into director, regional manager and vice president roles nationwide. They are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.


Do they have offices around the country?

No. They operate out of their Jacksonville, Florida office.


What areas of the country do they place people?

While they are located in only one state, SOAR Consulting places future leaders to American businesses nationwide.


What kinds of jobs does SOAR place people in?

SOAR mentors transitioning military talent and connects qualified candidates to positions in leadership, management, technical and engineering sectors. They specialize in assisting with military officer transition.


Does [Company] offer specialized service(s) to the military community?

Yes. SOAR assists transitioning service members by first developing a Personal Candidate Profile using the following steps:

  1. Determining transferable skill sets
  2. Discussing desired corporate culture or environment
  3. Refining preferred geographic areas of opportunity
  4. Reviewing income potential
  5. Addressing developmental obstacles
  6. Review and enhancement of resumes
  7. Establishing a timeline for a job search


This process ensures that each candidate is prepared for each interview and maximizes your use of resources to find your next career opportunity.


Who would this company be best for?

SOAR’s recruitment and placement services are ideally suited for transitioning military officers.


Does SOAR offer specialized service(s) to veterans?

Yes. SOAR offers interview preparation and resume review services, along with career mapping and an in depth analysis of income potential.


Does SOAR offer discounts to military or veterans?

No. The company does not charge service members or veterans for their placement services, so a discount is not offered.


What companies does SOAR work with?

Their website does not explicitly state any companies with which SOAR maintains partnerships.


What types of jobs do they recruit for?

SOAR recruits for various leadership positions including, but not limited to:

  • Senior Leadership Roles (CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Regional Managers, General Managers, Plant Managers)
  • Operational Leadership Roles (Maintenance Managers, Manufacturing Supervisors, Production Supervisors)
  • Electronic, Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians
  • Engineers (including Field Service Engineers)
  • Human Resource Leaders
  • Logistical/Supply Chain Operators
  • Project Managers


Job Levels

  • Mid-level Management
  • Senior-level Management


SOAR identifies and recruits highly-experienced talent for leadership, managerial, and technical positions throughout the United States.


What makes them unique?

Founded in 2003 to help transitioning service members, SOAR has a “unique process of mentorship, individual focus and personal attention to matching clients and candidates, [which] strives to produce consistently outstanding results.” Their commitment to cultivating deep relationships with senior- to mid-level leaders and former military professionals is what sets SOAR apart from other recruiting and staffing agencies.


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