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Squared Away military and veteran hiring programs

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Where is Squared Away located?

Squared Away is headquartered in Kailua, Hawaii, and seeks to employ military spouses remotely from anywhere in the country.


Do they have offices around the country?



What areas of the country do they place people?

Squared Away is a military-spouse owned business that seeks to employ military spouses as virtual assistants for “some of the best companies, teams, and venture capital firms in the world”. As remote employees, you can work anywhere.


Squared Away is accepting applications from all states within the US. 


What kinds of jobs does Squared Away place people in?

A CHIEF EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT whose employment involves the following tasks:



  • Calendaring, Service Arrangements, Appointments, etc
  • Flights, Accommodations, and Restaurant Reservations
  • Event/Party Planning



  • Social Media Research
  • Content Creation
  • Hootsuite Pro
  • Writing Copy
  • Publishing Schedules



  • CEO Fundraising
  • ‍Partner & Portfolio Scheduling
  • Deal Tracking



  • Inbox Management
  • ‍Contact Tracking



  • Bookkeeping
  • ‍Payroll Invoicing
  • ‍Perks and Credit
  • Management
  • Expense Reporting



  • Drafting Documents
  • Proofreading
  • Phone Support
  • Project Management


Does Squared Away offer specialized service(s) to the military community?

Yes. Squared Away seeks out and hires the Military Spouse almost exclusively. Helping spouses secure dependable remote work is a priceless service.


Who would this company be best for?

This opportunity is ideally suited for a proactive individual with excellent organizational skills, strong attention to detail, and the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal communications. 


Due to the remote aspect of this position, it is perfect for a military spouse seeking reentry into the workforce. 


Here are the qualifications:

  1. Minimum 1-year experience in administrative setting
  2. Must be available to work in any US time zone
  3. Minimum 1-year assistant experience, preferred
  4. Associates degree or higher preferred for internal promotion opportunities
  5. Experience with Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Salesforce and Quickbooks a HUGE plus


Does Squared Away offer specialized service(s) to veterans?

No. While they do target military spouses for employment, they do not exclude veterans from applying.


Does Squared Away offer discounts to military or veterans?

No. As the company does not indicate that they charge for their employment services, there is no discounted mentioned on their website.


What companies does Squared Away work with?

They work with a variety of companies.



What types of jobs do they recruit for?

The Executive Assistant positions are Part-time and require at least 20 hours per week.


This is a 1099 Independent contractor position, which may transition to a W-2 role soon after hiring.


Job Levels

  • Entry Level


What makes them unique?

The strength behind Squared Away is their motivation and dedication to employing the oft-forgotten military spouse. Many spouses are highly educated, ready to work, and yet struggle to find jobs. Squared Away seeks to empower military spouses to build meaningful careers from anywhere in the country.


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