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According to the VirtForce website, their mission is “Cultivating vetted virtual career paths for America’s Active Duty Military Spouse Community. We reduce the unemployment rate for Active Duty MilSpouses and Veterans by connecting employers seeking to diversify and distribute their talent network to qualified virtual candidates within the military community.”

The VirtForce Vision “is to help our Candidates invest in career and personal development that launches them into successful Virtual Careers. In the face of constant change, VirtForce will anchor meaningful content and career paths that provide tangible and measurable economic growth for the military community.”

VirtForce Quick Facts

Best For Military Spouses & Veterans
Industry Customer Service, Insurance Sales, Software Development,

Program Management, Tax Associate, Business Development,

Licensed Teaching, Administrative Assistance, Executive Assistance,

Marketing, Proposal/Grant Management, Content Writer,

and Sales Consultant

Employment Full-Time, Part-Time, and Contractor
Job Level Various Levels
Military or Veteran Focus? Military Spouse Focused
Veteran or Spouse-Owned? Yes
Where do they place people? Nationwide
Contact Contact
Website Website

What kinds of jobs do they place people in?

  • Customer Service
  • Insurance Sales
  • Software Development
  • Program Management
  • Tax Associate
  • Business Development
  • Licensed Teaching
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Executive Assistance
  • Marketing
  • Proposal/Grant Management
  • Content Writer
  • Sales Consultant

Job Levels

  • High School / GED
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree

What types of jobs do they recruit for?

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Contractor

Who would VirtForce be best for?

VirtForce is ideally suited for military spouses and veterans.

What areas of the country do they place people?

According to their website, VirtForce places job seekers into positions in all 50 states and in 40 countries.

Does VirtForce offer specialized service(s) to the military community?

Yes. In order to sign up for VirtForce, job seekers must be somehow affiliated with the military, either as a military spouse, a veteran, or even as a transitioning service member. The nature of the membership-only job board is a specialized service.

Do they offer specialized service(s) to veterans?

Yes. Veterans seeking employment may sign up for VirtForce’s services and partake in free training.

Does VirtForce offer discounts to military or veterans?

All services appear to be free for all veterans. Everything from searching the job boards to the podcasts, to their Rocket Remote training program, it is all free.

What companies does VirtForce work with?

  • Reconciled
  • Intuit
  • Boldly
  • Freedom Learning Group
  • Transcom
  • NPM
  • Skill Storm
  • Travelers Insurance

Is VirtForce veteran-owned?

VirtForce is not veteran-owned, but it is a military spouse-owned and operated company.

What makes them unique?

VirtForce is a unique company that focuses primarily on the engagement with and employment of the Military Spouse. While other members of the military community are always welcome, VirtForce is the champion of the unemployed Military Spouse. The company offers a wide range of services and opportunities that help spouses get #Hired. With everything from resume training, a dynamic podcast, and outstanding social media community, and many hours of free online training, VirtForce has created an ecosystem of success for those within the military community who seek remote employment.

Where is VirtForce located?

VirtForce is currently headquartered in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Do they have offices around the country?

No. VirtForce operates solely out of their corporate headquarters.

VirtForce Talent Review and Testimonials

The VirtForce website has an open layout, which is welcoming and uncluttered. Their mission is clearly centered on the landing page. Their corporate partners are also prominently listed on their main page which lends credibility to the company. One thing to keep in mind is that VirtForce operates within two realms, or Arsenals: one is a Candidate Arsenal and the other is a Recruitment Arsenal.

The Candidate Arsenal is used to match companies with qualified candidates, while the Recruitment Arsenal is used to assist the candidates find open employment. Just be aware that the website services both groups.

VirtForce does have a job board that is open to browse, however, in order to get more details about an employment opportunity and to apply for any of the jobs listed, a job seeker would need to create a VirtForce account. Signing up only takes a moment, and then all the company’s available resources are open for use.

Company Testimonials

VirtForce runs a podcast, VirtForce: Launching Virtual Careers, and it has gotten a number of great Podbay reviews. Select reviews are also available on the company’s  homepage.

Contact Info

You can contact VirtForce via the webform on their homepage.  You can visit their website here.