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WunderLand Group is “an award-winning digital, creative and marketing services firm that serves as the go-to partner for companies of all sizes”. As an agency, WunderLand services those who are looking for jobs and those businesses looking to hire professional services and consultants.

Quick Facts

Best ForMilitary Spouses, Veterans
IndustryAdministration, Communications and Public Relations, Customer Service, Design, Marketing, Operations, Sales
EmploymentFull-Time, Part-Time, Remote, Permanent
Job LevelMid-Level
Military or Veteran Focus?No
Veteran or Spouse-Owned?No
Where do they place people?Nationwide
ServicesJob Board

Military & Veteran Focus

Who would the company be best for?

WunderLand is ideally suited for those who have experience with or are interested in marketing, project management, software development, and content creation.

Veteran job seekers and transitioning service members who already possess the skills to excel in these professional arenas will be best served by this company.

Does WunderLand offer specialized service(s) to the military community?

No. There is no indication on the company website that specialized services to veteran job seekers within the military community are offered or available.

Does the company offer specialized service(s) to veterans?


Does WunderLand offer discounts to military or veterans?

No. There is no indication that any of the job seekers are charged for WunderLand’s services. As with most companies in this arena, the fees are paid by the companies who seek the agency’s services.

Is the company veteran-owned?


Job Types & Locations

What areas of the country do they place people?

There is a heavy concentration of open positions in New York City and California. Another minor concentration was in and around Chicago, and there were a few job openings in Florida.

As of this writing, there were only 49 jobs in total listed on WunderLand’s website. However, there may be more job postings within the company’s Talent Community.

What kind of jobs does WunderLand place people in?

  • Project Manager/Coordinator
  • Copywriter
  • Data Engineer
  • Social Analytics Manager
  • Art Producer
  • Digital Media Planner
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Brand Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager

What types of jobs do they recruit for?

  • Full time
  • Part-time
  • Contract
  • Contract to Hire
  • W2

Job Levels

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree

After probing a number of job listings, the education requirements for most positions landed at a bachelor’s degree level. Furthermore, most positions require some duration of marketable experience of at least two years. The more senior positions require at least ten years of experience.

Keep in mind, the requirements posted are from the employer, not from WunderLand.

What companies does the company work with?

The company does not list any partnerships they have with other companies or agencies. Additionally, the information contained within the job board does not say who the hiring company is.

Unique Services & Programs

One interesting thing that WunderLand has is something called Career Reward. This is kind of like a bonus program, but it is based on the total hours worked rather than as an annual recurrence.

Here’s how it works:

  • For every 1,000 hours worked, employees will receive an additional 20 hours of pay at their hourly rate, plus an additional 20 hours of pay for every 1,000 hours worked from then on.
  • After working for 2,000 hours, employees become eligible for holiday pay for up to six federal holidays every calendar year.

This is something I’ve not seen for a talent management agency.


Where is the company located?

The company is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Do they have offices around the country?

Yes. In addition to their main office, WunderLand operates offices in New York City and Wilton, Connecticut.

Company Review and Testimonials

The thing that stands out most to me is the structure the company has. In that, WunderLand hires the talent (job seeker) as a W2 employee. The talent then works for whichever client needs their services for however long those services are needed.

So, even if a project is only a month or two, veteran job seekers are paid as W2 employees through WunderLand. The agency also offers its W2 employees a health benefits package (medical and dental) and access to a 401(k) retirement plan.

Company Testimonials

WunderLand has a section on their website called The Scoop, which is their testimonials and review page. Here are some of the entries:

“The best part about finding a job with WunderLand was not being bothered with jobs that likely weren’t a great fit.” – Nick T.

“I’ve had excellent interactions with contacts at WunderLand. I love the interactions and the feeling of belonging. How fast the process goes is amazing.” – Tom P.

Here’s one from Yelp:

“They offer benefits that are rare for a staffing agency, and are always willing to help you out on personal or professional issues.”