All About the Purepost Passport

The Purepost Passport is the perfect tool for veteran job seekers!

Purepost is a veteran-owned company that was born out of a desire to help veterans successfully transition to civilian careers. Their tool, the Purepost Passport, is able to make resume creation easier. Here is what you need to know about this tool.

What is the Purepost Passport?

The Purepost Passport is a quick way to find career opportunities that match your skills. The company created the first cloud-based software that fully translates a wide range of previous work experiences (military and civilian) into transferable hard, soft, and technical skills. They have mapped over 75,000 skills across 40,000 unique job roles. When you enter your information, you would then get back a profile customized based on your work history and skills. 

How does it specifically help veterans? 

Within the tool, Purepost will convert your military experience into common-sense business terms that employers will understand. This is a helpful way of creating a resume for the civilian world. 

How does the Passport work? 

To use Purepost Passport, you would create an account to sign up. Once you have done that you can start adding your most recent work or volunteer experiences. You can also add your education, certifications, and training. 

You will then be able to see the resume that was created which includes details about the job. For example, if you put in that you worked as a “dental receptionist” it would fill in details such as, “Greeted persons entering establishment, determined nature and purpose of visit, and directed or escorted them to specific destinations.” The tool will also make a list of your proficiencies and you should be able to edit any of the information. 

What can I do with the Passport?

After your passport is created, you can download the resume for job fairs, upload it to an employer job application website, or share your passport as a public link. 

Will I see job listings?

Yes, Purepost will provide you with job listings based on your skills and talents. You can then go in and search by keywords, employers, and location. 

As you can see, the Purepost Passport is an amazing tool for veterans looking for a job. They make resume creation easy, and possible for you to quickly create one to use in your job search. Resumes are a must when job hunting and this tool should be in your job hunting toolbox. 

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