Military Employment Guide: Strategic Job Searching

Veteran Job Search

Step-by-Step Guide to Employment for Military:  Strategic Job Searching

After you end your years in the military, and it is time to work on finding an after military job, there are many steps you have to go through to find the right fit. From working on your resume to getting ready to go on an interview. The biggest part of this process is finding the right jobs to apply for.

You will want to find the right jobs that match your desires, your skills, and your abilities. To do this, you have to know how to find jobs to apply for. There are a few different ways that you can do so and you want to be strategic about the process.

You can go with a recruiting or staffing agency, you can search a veterans job board, or you can apply to a company directly. There are pros and cons to all of these options.

Recruiting or Staffing Agencies

Going with a recruiting or staffing agency is a popular choice when it comes to searching for a job. These companies will be the middleman for you in your job search. They can match you with job listings that are your best fit and are what you are looking for. They offer mentorship and other benefits to job seekers. They go beyond just sending you job alerts.

Recruiters research companies and allow you to learn about them so you know if they will be a good fit. You can gain feedback from them, from how you are prepared for your interviews to how your resume looks. They can also help you translate your military skills into civilian ones.

Here on Career Recon, you can find our Recruiting & Staffing Profiles section. Here you can find out more information about the different companies that can help you on your journey. We have a wealth of information from numerous companies all over the United States. Visit the Recruiting & Staffing Profiles page to see what we have to offer.

Veteran Job Boards

A veteran job board is another option for finding jobs. The listings you find are from employers especially looking for veterans in a variety of jobs and positions. A good job board can be worth your time. A bad one can be a waste.

Recruit Military, Hire Veterans, and Hire Heroes USA are all examples of good veteran job boards. They offer a variety of positions from healthcare to construction to defense. You can look for both full-time and part-time positions. Make sure that any job board you are looking at has updated listings and an easy way to apply.

You can also look at our Recruiting & Staffing Profiles page to find other companies that could have veteran job boards.

Directly With Company

Beyond using a recruiting or staffing company or viewing veteran job boards, you can apply to a company directly. This may be because you know the company is hiring for a certain position, you went to their website to view their openings, or a friend or family member told you that they were hiring.

You would then go through the steps to apply to the company. Doing this can be a good way to find a job but there can be some cons versus if you work with a recruiter. You might not get any real feedback if you don’t get the job. You also won’t have the benefit of knowledge or insider tips when it comes to this position.

On the other hand, you might feel more in control if you apply directly. You can move forward with any job you see fit, and not have to wait on a recruiter to help you with things. You can apply for any role, even if they were not on your radar to begin with.

When it comes to job searching, you will need to be strategic. Going with a recruiter or staffing agency can give you a leg up in the process, gives you the tools you need to find the right job, and makes the process a bit easier. While you can find a job in other ways, including job boards and applying directly, going with a company can be what you need to do to find the right fit. They have so many resources to help you along the way. And many of the companies listed on Career Recon work specifically with veterans.