Military Veteran Employment Guide: Finding Mentors

finding mentors

Step by Step Guide to Employment for General Military –  Finding Mentors

As you embark on your after military journey, finding a mentor to help you is a smart decision. A mentor can be there to help you get to where you want to go, be someone you can go to for advice, and help your job search go a lot more smoothly.

Mentoring will allow you to gain the knowledge you need from someone who has been through it. They can help you to learn new skills and help expand the ones you already know. You will receive guidance through a mentor as well as support.

Working with a mentor will give you confidence, help you grow your network, and offer you a sounding board for ideas as well as how to get through any challenges that come up during the process. Mentors can also give you constructive feedback.

When it comes to making the transition from the military to the civilian world, being able to have a good mentor, who has been thought transition themself, is going to be the biggest way to help yourself find the job that you want and get you on the right path.

How do you find a mentor? You may have someone you know already that would be willing to mentor you. That is always an option. However, not everyone knows the right person who can take them on as a mentor. Luckily, there are companies and organizations that can help you find one. Here are a few of them that work specifically with veterans and members of the military.

American Corporate Partners (ACP)

ACP is focused on helping returning veterans and active duty spouses find their next careers through one-on-one mentoring. They also offer networking and online career advice. They will assist veterans and spouses on their path toward fulfilling long-term careers.

VETS – Beyond the Uniform 

VETS – Behind the Uniform is a coaching, mentoring, and training program that was developed by military veterans. Their mission is to provide veterans with the additional skills that are needed to go from the military to the civilian workforce.

7 Eagle Group

7 Eagle Group works to serve military veterans and active duty service members. Through their programs, they offer career webinars, networking opportunities, mentors, and opportunities to mentor others.


Veterati offers free one-hour mentorship phone calls with successful professionals. You can choose your mentors and can even have more than one. Their mentors will offer personal advice, coaching, insider job search tips, and introductions.

Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes has a mentoring program that helps veterans who are struggling with translating their skills to a civilian role. Their mentors help veterans understand what direction they can go in after military life.

Commit Foundation

Commit Foundation works to build powerful tools, pipelines, and cultures that empower military members in their transition out of uniform. They offer one-on-one transition assistance.

Valor Bridge

Valor Bridge works to honor veterans through education, community, and mentorship. They have dedicated mentors to help veterans make the transition back into civilian life and the business community.

Military Talent Partners

Military Talent Partners empowers veterans and military spouses throughout their career journeys. They provide mentorship, coaching, and career discovery to help military talent realize their potential as well as their professional goals.


eMentor is an online mentoring program for military members, veterans, as well as military spouses. They connect people with mentors to help them move forward in their personal and professional lives. Mentors will provide insights into civilian careers and corporate hiring practices.

As you can see, there are many options for finding a good mentor who knows how to make the transition from the military to the civilian world. Finding a good mentor is an important part of the process and can help lead you in the right direction.