This Apprenticeship Program Is Good News for the Missouri National Guard

Project Eagle Apprenticeship

New Project Eagle Apprenticeship Program for the Missouri National Guard

The Project Eagle Apprenticeship Program has come to the Missouri National Guard. This program will allow military training and experience to qualify towards an apprenticeship certification in an industry-driven field.

Guard Members Can Be Certified In Up to 170 Occupations

This program will allow the Guard members to get certified in up to 170 occupations making this the largest U.S. program of its kind. This was created with the coordination between the Missouri National Guard and the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workplace Development.

On February 23rd, 2022, they held a kickoff celebration for the new program at the Missouri National Guard headquarters in Jefferson City, MO. The Governor, as well as Major General Levon Cumpton, and the Director of Workplace Development, Dr. Mardy Leathers shared their support for the Project Eagle Apprenticeship Program. Two guardsmen, Specialist Kirkland Maneth and Master Sgt. Chase Jenkins have already joined the program with many more to follow.

Project Eagle Apprenticeship Program

According to the Governor, Michael L. Parson, “We are so proud of our military men and women here in Missouri. This program, which takes military training and turns it into a nationally recognized credential, is just one more way we can show our support for the folks who serve and support us.  The Project Eagle Apprenticeship Program allows service members to earn a credential that can translate into career advancements, helping bridge the gap between military and civilian life.”

Within this program, the Missouri National Guard will register to be an apprenticeship sponsor and it is open to both the Missouri Army National Guard and Air National Guard. The program will be a no-cost benefit to these service members who will then receive an apprenticeship credential after they finish their on-the-job learning hours. There is a requirement of 2,080 on-the-job training hours. The programs are tailored to any enlisted MOS or AFSC in the Missouri National Guard.

Eligibility Requirements

According to the Missouri National Guard, in order to participate, service members must:

  1. Hold a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Code compatible with the selected trade title and description found on found on USMAP at
  2. Be a member of Missouri National Guard.
  3. Be 18 years of age or older.
  4. Have a High School diploma or GED equivalency upon completion.
  5. Be physically capable of performing essential functions of the apprenticeship program without posing a safety hazard to themselves or others.
  6. Be satisfactorily performing their military duties and in good standing with their Chain of Command.
  7. Have a minimum of 12 months service obligation remaining.
  8. Complete a probationary period which may not exceed 25% of the length of the program or 1 year, whichever is shorter.
  9. Participate in the program no less than one year to complete unless previous experience is applied.

Use Their Time in Service Towards Expanding Their Career Goals

Missouri has around 10,000 National Guard members. This program will be able to give them a leg up in their civilian jobs and allow them to use time in service towards expanding their career goals. Apprenticeship programs can be a great way for those in the workforce to be able to learn new skills, learn from a mentor, and be able to be paid while they are doing so. In order to find out more information about the program, or to apply and participate, please visit the Missouri National Guard website.