SkillBridge Upcoming Events [updated]

SkillBridge Events

What Is SkillBridge?

Updated through March 2023.

SkillBridge is a training and development program for transitioning military members to take part in training and development opportunities with several different industries and top employers. The program was developed to be an avenue to civilian employment for transitioning Active Duty members.  Involvement in the SkillBridge program requires approval from unit commanders. Military members should not explore SkillBridge options until approval is authorized.

Who Is Eligible for Skillbridge?

Active Duty military members within 180 days from separation from active duty are who the program was designed for and are eligible for financial support from the DoD during the program. Active Duty military members will still be covered by their military benefits and receive their military compensation.

However, the program has expanded to include Veterans, National Guard, Reserve members, and military spouses. Although they are not supported financially by the DoD companies and employers still may offer training programs, development opportunities, and employment pathways for Veterans, National Guard, Reserve members, and military spouses. To find these opportunities search the SkillBridge Location page by your military status.

Why You Should Attend

Companies and employers are looking for military members because they are hard-working and come with discipline and dedication engraved in them through service. Military members come with industry expertise and extra training making transitioning military members ideal candidates for open positions. By attending an event you will learn what companies are looking for, how to apply for the SkillBridge program, and how to make the most out of the program.

In order to search for locations with SkillBridge opportunities near you, please go here.

Areas of Opportunity:

  • Energy
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Civil service
  • Healthcare
  • Aviation
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Business and financial operations
  • Education
  • Community and social services
  • Legal and protective services
  • Management and administration
  • Military specific
  • Trade
  • And more

Virtual SkillBridge Events February & March 2023

February 22, 2023

Lockheed Martin’s SkillBridge Hiring and Mentoring Event

    • Time: 5:00 pm-8:00 pm MST/7:00 pm-10:00 pm EST
    • Pre-register here

March 2, 2023

50strong SkillBridge Connect

    • Networking – 3:00 pm – 4:40 pm EST
    • Pre-register here

March 30, 2023

SkillBridge Information Session – USO

    • Time: 7:00 pm EST
    • Pre-register here


In-person SkillBridge Events February & March 2023

February 28, 2023

Camp Lejeune SkillBridge Exploration Fair

    • Time: 9:30 am – 2:00 pm ET
    • Location: Marston Pavilion 730 Seth Williams Boulevard, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, 28547
    • Pre-register here

March 17, 2023

South Side Hampton Roads DoD SkillBridge EXPO (Naval Station Norfolk)

    • Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm EDT
    • Location: Vista Point Center 1754 Massey Hughes Drive Norfolk, VA 23511
    • Pre-register here