Virtual Job Fairs for Military & Veterans 2024

Virtual job fairs are essential resources for military and veteran job seekers.  They help by connecting you with local or national companies from your home. Companies are looking for college graduates to executive-level professionals.

The virtual job fair is an experience similar to the in-person version. You’ll need to prepare similarly by researching participating companies and preparing updated versions of your resume or CV. You’ll also need online research on the companies you want to land interviews with during the virtual event.

You can also visit our resources page for in-person job fairs for military and veterans.

Military and Veteran Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual job fairs are an important resource for job seekers transitioning out of the military. They are also helpful for military spouses and employment-age dependent children. Some attend job fairs while still serving in the military and/or while in college, while others choose to wait until they are about to hit the job market.

Host: JobFairX

JobFairX and the VA in Virginia Beach are offering a virtual job fair at no cost on July 22 to introduce hiring managers locally and domestically across the country. To participate, sign up and peruse the lists of employers looking for candidates with military-level skills and experience.

Host: CareerEco

    • Government and Non-Profit Jobs Hiring Event
    • July 25, 2024 11 AM – 3 PM Eastern Time
    • Learn More and Sign Up

CareerEco is hosting a government and non-profit virtual job fair for full-time, part-time and internship work in government and NPO agencies. The convenience of the online job fair features tools to text and video chat for interviews and to learn more about potential employers, saving time and money by not traveling to in-person events.

Host: Brazen

Brazen has organized a Summer Hiring Fair for U.S. military service members, veterans and their spouses online. Participants must create a job seeker profile and upload their resume to participate and connect for online conversations with employers by text or video.

Host: Corporate Gray

Corporate Gray Virtual job fair is welcoming to military service people and their families, with employers looking for people with military experience. Job seekers can connect with employers through chat or video. To participate, upload your resume to the site and pre-register for the event. All participants can use the Virtual Job Fair Training Guide and Employer Directory so that they take full advantage of their time during this job fair.

Host: DAV/Recruit Military

    • Online Recruiting Event Open to All Military Job Seekers and Spouses
    • July 30, 2024 11 AM – 3 PM Central Time
    • More information and signup

The DAV, Disabled American Veterans organization has brought together job opportunities from many top tier companies looking for employers with military experience and education. Some of the employers included in the virtual fair include but are not limited to: Altec, Cisco, EnerSys, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, John Deere, The U.S. Department of Energy, The United States Space Force, and the Western Farmers Electric Cooperative.


    • Transitioning Army & Spouse Virtual Career Fair
    • August 6, 2024, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Eastern Time
    • Register or get more information 

Virtual Career Fairs in August, September, and October 2024

Host: Career Eco

  • Summer Hiring Fair: US Military, Veterans and Veteran Spouses
  • August 7, 2024, 11 AM – 3 PM Eastern Time
  • More information or sign up

Military service members and their spouses can find career openings in accounting and business at this summer hiring fair. Looking for jobs at this virtual fair saves job-seekers travel time and expenses while they look for their new career. Pre-register and ensure all profiles are complete to make connections to employers.

Host: Valvoline

Valvoline is looking for employees at various stages of their careers and will host an online event that is catered to veterans and spouses. Participants need only a computer and to prepare their resume. You may choose to have your webcam off, but if using the webcam, be sure to dress professionally.

Host: CareerEco

  • All Sports Industry Professionals Virtual and Career Job Fair
  • August 14, 2024, 11 AM – 3 PM Eastern Time
  • More information or sign up

Veterans and their spouses may have special talents that are applicable in a variety of positions in the sports industry, from athleticism to acting as an agent or coaching. Explore sports industry options and the chance at a new career by attending this virtual job fair.

Host: Nursing and Allied Health

  • Nursing and Allied Health Virtual Grad & Career Fair
  • August 21, 2024, 11 AM – 3 PM Eastern Time
  • Learn More and Register

Nursing and Allied Health hosts this virtual grad and career fair for those who have experience or who are entering the field. Veteran spouses may be particularly interested in the opportunities presented at this fair. Attend prepared with your resume and skills ready to secure interviews.

Host: DAV/Recruit Military

This national virtual career fair needs veteran skills. Attendees will include franchisors, institutions, government agencies, veteran agencies, and other employers. Make sure your RecruitMilitary profile as well as your virtual career platform profiles are current and have your resume uploaded. Research the companies you most want to connect with to make the most of your time at this event.

Host: Corporate Gray

  • Engineering & Science Virtual Career Fair
  • August 28, 2024 11 AM – 3 PM Eastern Time
  • Learn More and Sign Up

Graduates, veterans and veteran spouses in STEM fields or looking for a career change will find a growing industry within STEM. In STEM current and future careers are built. Pre-register for this event and look for full-time employment and co-ops, or even develop your own career options through connections from the Engineering & Science Virtual Career Fair event.

Host: DAV/Recruit Military

The National Credit Union Association is hosting the NCUA Women Recruitment Virtual Outreach Event. The NCUA regulates federal credit unions and has been supporting patrons since 1934. Looking for employees who are interested in this field in all levels of employment and development.

Host: Corporate Gray

Corporate Gray’s Virtual Job Fair actively seeks to recruit veterans and their spouses. Veterans and spouses can interview via video or text. Some may require U.S. citizenship. To make as many connections as possible during this event, make sure to pre-register and upload your resume ahead of time. You will receive a preparation guide and directory of attending businesses upon your registration to help you prepare for the event.

Host: DAV/RecruitMilitary

Host: DAV/Recruit Military

Western Virtual Career Fair for Veterans seeks the specialized skills veterans possess. Attendees include employers and franchisors in a gallery of fields, veterans’ agencies and government agencies. Prepare your resume ahead of time and be sure to complete your online profile to maximize the potential of this event.

Getting the Most out of a Virtual Job Fair

There are some extra steps to take before you attend any online career fair, hiring event, or virtual job fair. The first is to check on the job fair’s official site to see if you need a specific type of platform for conference calling or related software. Ensure that your computer and virtual conferencing programs are up to date, that you have working video and audio connections, and that the lighting is adequate for video in the room where you will attend the job fair.

The Value in Military and Veteran Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual career fairs often consist of:

  • Company presentations
  • Descriptions of open positions
  • One-on-one time with hiring managers
  • On-the-spot interviews

Free Preparation Assistance

When organizations and agencies host virtual career fairs, they want everyone to benefit, so they provide additional resources. Some of these free resources include resume writing and interview preparation before the virtual career fair begins. Taking advantage of these free resources is extremely beneficial, so you are prepared for an immediate interview.

Know Which Organizations Will Be There

Most career fair registration pages also contain access to a list of organizations that will be in attendance. Knowing which organizations will be attending the event gives you a chance to research the company ahead of time. Then, you will also want to research their open positions in the event of a one-on-one interview.

Hear Directly from Hiring Managers

Find out what skills and education a hiring manager considers for certain positions. Being able to connect with hiring managers one-on-one will allow you to gain an understanding of what they’re looking for.  This may include what they’re looking for on resumes and cover letters.

Build Connections

Building connections with prospective employers could give you a leg up during the hiring process. Make sure to connect with hiring managers or company presenters through LinkedIn.  You can also exchange E-mails to maintain those connections and grow your network.

Organizations are Eager to Hire Military and Veterans

Organizations attending career fairs have open positions they seek to fill or are collecting applications for positions opening soon. Attending a virtual career fair has many benefits. A major one is not wasting your time applying for positions that have already been filled, which can sometimes occur with job postings if they’re not updated regularly.




Free Six Sigma Courses for Veterans & Military Spouses

Veterans & Military Spouses: Free and Low-Cost Six Sigma Courses

Many companies offer the military community free or low-cost Six Sigma certification courses. These courses allow you to upskill or reskill to land your desired job. Many companies that provide these courses also have career services to help with the military transition, post-military career search, or military spouse employment.

Free Six Sigma Courses for Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses

Syracuse University Veterans Career Transition Program

Onward to Opportunity (O2O) is a free career skills program Syracuse University offers. The courses are accredited. The program is designed to help bridge the gap between the military-connected population and the skills employers seek. Learn more.

In the past O2O has offered the following categories of free Six Sigma Courses:

      • Six Sigma Green Belt
      • Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB)

Career assistance resource at O2O:

      • Career Programs
      • Mentorship
      • Resume Assistance
      • Resource Library

Sigma Forces

Sigma Forces is a military spouse-owned, veteran-owned, accredited training provider of professional education and certifications. They offer courses and other career help. Learn more.

Sigma Forces offers the following free Six Sigma Courses:

      • Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB™)

Career assistance resources at Sigma Forces:

      • Scholarships – Farm 2 Veteran Scholarship Fund, Boots to Books, and V School Forever
      • E-guides
      • Brochures
      • Videos
      • Blog posts and articles
      • Career readiness workshops are free for all US military-connected individuals including military spouses. Some examples would be a LinkedIn workshop or a workshop on resumes
      • Groups – Sigma Forces offers study groups, group mentors, and workshops

Free or Low-Cost Six Sigma Courses

American Academy of Project Management

AAPM is the leading graduate certification organization in the world known for project management certifications. They offer a Six Sigma course that anyone can apply for, fees may apply. AAPM also offers over 100 certificate courses, some courses have special exemptions for the military community. Learn more.

AAPM offers the following Six Sigma Courses:

      • CSSA Certified – Six Sigma Analysis

Career assistance resource at the AAPM:

AAPM does not have career assistance resources or programs for the military community.


Coursera offers Six Sigma free or low-cost college courses and certifications. With over 5,800 courses in whole veterans and military spouses can start or advance their careers with professional certificates from 275+ universities and companies. Some certificates and specific skill courses may cost. Learn more.

Coursera offers courses in the following categories:

      • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
      • Six Sigma Green Belt
      • Six Sigma Principles
      • Six Sigma Black Belt
      • Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma
      • Lean Six Sigma
      • Six Sigma and the Organization
      • Six Sigma Tools for Define and Measure
      • View more courses

Career assistance resource at Coursera:

Coursera does not have career assistance resources or programs for the military community.


Alison offers 4,000+ free online courses, they offer multiple Six Sigma courses for free. While the courses are free the certificates and diplomas to showcase course completion are not.  Courses are built by subject matter experts. Alison’s courses qualify for Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks, This CPD Certification Service provides recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements. Learn more.

Alison offers courses in the following categories:

      • Beginners Six Sigma Methodology
      • Business Diploma in Six Sigma
      • Fundamentals of Six Sigma (6σ) – Six Sigma White Belt
      • Basics of Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt
      • Learning Lean Six Sigma: White Belt
      • Learn Process and Six Sigma
      • Learning Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt
      • Toolkit for Lean Six Sigma
      • Education Diploma in Six Sigma Yellow Belt
      • View more courses

Career assistance resource at Alison:

      • Resume Builder
      • Career Guide
      • Personality Test

Why are these courses worth taking?

There is a big demand for Six Sigma Certifications in the current job market. These courses are a great opportunity for those looking to improve their hire-ability, whether they are a service member transitioning to the civilian world, a military spouse looking for a career change, or a veteran looking to up their skills.





Veterans Employment

Veterans Employment

“Veterans Employment is a veteran-owned small business that provides nationwide placement services for America’s veterans.” – Veteran Employment

Their primary focus is on helping transitioning service members find rewarding civilian careers.

Who would Veterans Employment be best for?

Veterans Employment is ideally suited to assist members of the military who are close to their transition date. They offer targeted assistance and guidance to help service members find employment after the military. Additionally, veterans who have already separated are encouraged to use their services as well.

The military members who will find Veterans Employment most beneficial are:

  • Enlisted Technicians
  • Junior Military Officers
  • Senior Officers

What types of jobs do they recruit for?

  • Full time
  • Direct Hire

What kind of jobs does Veterans Employment place people in?

  • Field Service Engineer
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Mechanic
  • AI Automation
  • Production Supervisor
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Refrigerator Technician
  • Fleet Manager
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Plant Engineer
  • Military Electronics Technician

Job Levels

  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Technical Experience

What areas of the country do they place people?

Veterans Employment fields jobs from all over the country. There were even some positions overseas in places like Tokyo, Japan.

Does Veterans Employment offer specialized service(s) to the military community?

Yes. Veterans Employment focuses exclusively on the veteran and transitioning service member. Services they offer include:

  • Interview help
  • Counseling
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Industry-specific Information
  • Interviews with Decision Makers

Does Veterans Employment offer specialized service(s) to veterans?

Yes. In addition to the services listed above, Veterans Employment brings resources to the veteran community to facilitate transition and adaptation to the civilian world. Some of the outside resources they promote are:

Does Veterans Employment offer discounts to military or veterans?

No. There is no indication on their website that they charge veterans for any of their services.

What companies does Veterans Employment work with?

Veterans Employment has partnered with the following organizations:

  • Divergence Academy
  • Veterans in Parking
  • The Whalls Group
  • Selinger Law Group

Is Veterans Employment veteran owned?

Yes. Veterans Employment is veteran-owned and veteran-operated. Based on the rhetoric of the website, it would appear that most employees at the company are themselves veterans.

What makes them unique?

Searching through job boards is a challenge, especially when there are dozens of pages. Sure, you can narrow the search down by state, but even that can prove tedious. Veterans Employment offers job seekers a Jobs Map in addition to the traditional job board.

The Jobs Map allows veterans to see where the current openings are in the country. This can help with transition planning and job hunting.

Where is Veterans Employment located?

Location information is not provided on the website.

Do they have offices around the country?

Unknown. Veterans Employment does not list their headquarters location or any regional offices on the website.

Veterans Employment Review and Testimonials

Overall, the Veterans Employment website is easy to navigate. It’s crisp, it’s clean, and the sections are easy to follow. The verbiage used by the company indicates that they have a high motivation for helping military and veteran job seekers.

While looking through all the jobs on the board, I noticed that many of them were technical or engineering related. This lines up with their preference to target enlisted technicians from the military.

The one troublesome thing is that no information is given regarding the company’s location. I have to assume that they’re headquartered in California as the only link to the company is a phone number with an area code in the southeastern area of the state.

However, the Veterans Employment LinkedIn profile places them in Forsyth, Georgia. There are at least 55 employees according to the same profile.

Veterans Employment Testimonials

I couldn’t track down any reviews for the company, and there are none listed on their website.

Contact Info

To contact Veterans Employment, there are two options:

  1. Call (760) 445-3889
  2. Email them at
  3. Website


Altierus Career College

Altierus Career College Profile

Altierus Career College is a postsecondary non-profit healthcare and trade school that is owned by ECMC Education (Educational Credit Management Corporation). Altierus Career Colleges used to be a part of Corinthian Colleges. In 2015, ECMC took over Altierus Career Colleges under the name Zenith Education. They then rebranded the schools as Altierus Career Colleges. More than 20 Zenith campuses closed in 2017. 

Altierus Career Colleges has three locations, Tampa, Houston, and Atlanta as well as online options. They have programs in healthcare and trades and many of their programs are a blend of online and on-campus learning. 

They offer 1-on-1 career advising, professional development, and employer partnerships to help students get started on the right track. Students learn from experimental learning in labs, externships, and clinical rotations. They also help students prepare and test for credentials or certifications. Students do also receive a laptop and ebooks to help with their studies and allow for a more flexible learning environment. 

Accredited By: Nationally 

GI Bill: Yes 


  • Dental Assistant
  • Massage Therapy (Tampa Only)
  • Medical Assistant 
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Pharmacy Technician 
  • Surgical Technology (Atlanta and Houston)
  • HVAC
  • Electrical (Houston and Tampa)

Certificates and Degrees: 

  • Certificates 
  • Associate Degrees 

Job Placement Rates: The job placement rate is 77% 

Online: Yes

Campus Location: 

  • Tampa, FL
  • Houston, TX
  • Atlanta, GA

TA For Active Duty: No

MyCAA For Military Spouses: No 

Admission Contact PersonAltierus Career College on College Recon 

Number of GI Bill Students: 95






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