Walmart Helps Veterans, Military Spouses Find Employment

Walmart, the nation’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer, has stepped up it’s game when it comes to helping Veterans and their spouses find employment.

Walmart developed a new program called Find-a-Future, which is designed to assist transitioning service members, veterans, and their families in finding meaningful employment. Whether the goal is to further education, start a business, or just simply get a job, Walmart’s new initiative can make that happen.

Find-A-Future Initiative

After registering for the program, the process starts with an interview. You will be matched with a career coach who will discuss your goals, education, and skills that you bring to the table. Your coach will be a real person who is trained and experienced in helping veterans find careers after the service.

Once you’ve interviewed with your Find-A-Future career coach, they will help develop your plan that could lead down any one of three tracks: Employment, Education, or Entrepreneurship.

Employment Track

This path will guide you through the various ways veterans get jobs. This track offers career counseling through Walmart’s third-party provider, and it can connect you to various career fairs like those hosted by Hire Our Heroes.

If you so desire, you will also have the opportunity to work at Walmart while also attending the company’s online school, Live Better U. Through LBU, Walmart and Sam’ Club associates have the opportunity to either learn skilled trades or expand into the IT field with their digital certificates. Walmart has partnered with Penn Foster, eCornell, and Southern New Hampshire University to enhance the company’s debt free college options.

Additionally, you don’t have to work for Walmart to use Find-A-Future! The company will help you find job opportunities with companies that match your goals and desires.

Education Track

Using company resources, Walmart has the ability to place veterans into fellowships and internships with its corporate partners, which could also lead to careers at those organizations.

Upskilling programs are also offered through this track, which can help a veteran or their spouse with extra training and certifications to make them more competitive in today’s job market.

Once you have completed the training along your chosen path, you will have the opportunity to interview with Walmart and other companies in Administration, Management, Supply Chain, or other roles.

Entrepreneurship Track

Walmart’s Find-A-Future program will match veterans with other businesses that will act as training programs for the candidate. You will have the opportunity to assist those companies in getting their products onto Walmart’s shelves in stores around the country.

Find-A-Future Development

Walmart’s new initiative to assist the military community came about through partnerships with Syracuse University, Hiring Our Heroes, and Student Veterans of America. These three institutions were key in the development of Walmart’s Find-A-Future program and continue to serve alongside the global retailer to enhance veteran careers.

Syracuse University hosts the unique Institute for Veterans & Military Families, which offers career training, entrepreneurship programs, and community services to veterans and their families.

Hiring Our Heroes is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation that serves to connect the military community with American businesses for training and employment opportunities.

Student Veterans of America is a non-profit organization that advocates for Veterans in higher education by providing resources and support to student veterans seeking education.

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Find-A-Future Registration

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Walmart’s newest initiative to support the military community, head to the Find-A-Future website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your information.

In addition to your name, email, and phone number, you will be asked about your current status or connection to the military community: active, guard/reserve, veteran, or military spouse.

You will then select which track you are most interested in following. Keep in mind, you can change this track after talking to your assigned career coach.

If you are transitioning from the service, a veteran, or a spouse of either one, then I encourage you to explore this amazing opportunity. Walmart has a history of assisting our military community, and they have raised the bar with their new Find-A-Future initiative.

What are you waiting for? Go find your future!


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