Finding an Entry Level Remote Job

Entry Level Remote Job

Your Employment Questions Answered: Finding an Entry Level Remote Job

Sometimes the best way to learn something new is by seeking advice from those who have been there. Asking questions is how we learn about new resources or can give us perspectives that we might never have thought about before. When you ask a question, you can gain the knowledge you are looking for that will help you figure out what you need to know to move forward, whatever the subject might be. 

Working from home can be a great way to have your own career as a military spouse. Moving every few years, being a solo parent for months at a time, and just needing the flexibility are all the positives that a remote job can bring. There are many different types of work-at-home jobs, from entry-level to executive. If you are just starting out, you may be looking for an entry-level remote job. That is what this question is about. 

Question: How to Find an Entry-Level Work-At-Home Job

I have been a military spouse for a few years now and have decided I want to find a work-at-home job. I don’t have that much experience and thinking an entry-level job would be best. A job I can learn from, and grow into as a career. I figure that this would be the best way to take a job with me from duty station to duty station during military life. 


Working from home is a wonderful way to be able to bring a job from place to place when you move. And there are so many great options out there. If you are looking for an entry-level work-at-home job, here are some resources and ideas to help you. 

Job Ideas

  1. Customer Service Jobs

    Many companies such as Verizon or Amazon are hiring for at-home customer service jobs. They will train you and you might have a choice about hours and shifts. Some will require you to answer phones in a quiet environment but others might be chat or email-based.
  2. Administrative Assistant or Virtual Assistant Jobs

    You can work as an administrative assistant or virtual assistant in many different industries. You would help schedule meetings, answer emails, or anything else that the company needs help with. Many of these jobs are entry-level with training included.
  3. Freelancing

    Freelancing can also be a great way to work from home. You can use the skills you already know from writing to editing to social media. Companies can hire you on a project or part-time basis and you can work to build up your portfolio. While you won’t actually be employed by anyone, freelancing can give you the flexibility you are looking for. 


  1. Instant Teams is focused on remote work for the military community. After filling out your profile, you will have access to the remote queue, which is a Facebook group for those waiting to find a job. They also have courses to help you improve your skills.
  2. FlexJobs is a #1 job site to find vetted work from home and flexible jobs. Currently, they have 29,001 jobs listed from 5,523 companies. This can be a great place to go to search for what you could be looking for.
  3. Indeed is another great place to go to search for jobs. You can also upload your resume for free and employers can contact you. There are many different entry-level remote jobs listed on Indeed.
  4. Virtual HOH Military Spouse Professional Network Facebook Group is a great group run by Hiring Our Heroes. In it, you can search for and even ask about entry-level work-at-home jobs.
  5. Virtforce seeks to help the military spouses and veterans with career and personal development in virtual careers.

You should also check out our Recruiting & Staffing Profiles page for a list of companies that may help you out in your entry-level remote job search. You can also use our tool to find staffing and recruiting agencies that may be best aligned to assist you.


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