Hilton Honors Military Program

The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) has partnered with Hilton, a global hotel company, to provide assistance to veterans and transitioning service members.

Hilton Honors Military Program

The Hilton Honors™ Military Program provides up to 100,000 hotel points to eligible Veterans and service members in transition. These points can be used for travel related to verifiable employment activities like job searches, training, and house hunting.

These points are not intended for use on vacation travel or other non-employment activities. Participants can receive up to 100,000 points over their lifetime, so these rewards points do not have to be used all at once.

Hilton Honors Eligibility Requirements for Military and Veterans

Each state sets their own eligibility and residency requirements. Participants must have a Hilton Honors™ account to receive any points awarded.

Currently, there are 27 states participating in the program, and more are expected to join. The following states are currently awarding hotel points to veterans and transitioning service members:

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Connecticut
  5. Florida
  6. Indiana
  7. Iowa
  8. Kansas
  9. Kentucky
  10. Maine
  11. Massachusetts
  12. Maryland
  13. Minnesota
  14. Montana
  15. Nevada
  16. New Hampshire
  17. New Mexico
  18. Ohio
  19. Pennsylvania
  20. Utah
  21. Virginia
  22. Texas
  23. Vermont
  24. Washington
  25. West Virginia
  26. Wisconsin
  27. Wyoming

Hilton Honors State Contacts

Each participating state has a point of contact for the program. This list was updated as of Nov 5th, 2021.  For the most up to date list, please go here

State Name Email Phone
AZ Ray Tilkens Rtilkens@azdes.gov (520) 209-1038
CA Joe Engle WSBVeteranHiltonHonors@edd.ca.gov (916) 651-6218
CA Michael Ashby Michael.Ashby@edd.ca.gov (916) 654-0858
CO Colin Schneider colin.schneider@state.co.us (303) 318-8558
CO Lavade Lanier lavade.lanier@state.co.us (303) 636-1302
CO Mark Simmons mark.simmons@state.co.us (719) 667-3720
CT Tim Rockefeller timothy.rockefeller@ct.gov (860) 263-6016
FL Awilda Carozza Awilda.Carozza@deo.myflorida.com
FL Eric Ocasio Nieves Eric.OCASIONIEVES@deo.myflorida.com
FL Exit Smith exit.smith@deo.myflorida.com (850) 245-7411
FL Mark Brennan mark.brennan@deo.myflorida.com (850) 245-7405
Hilton Melissa Stirling melissa.stirling@hilton.com (703) 819-4623
IN Bonnie Maxey BMaxey@dwd.IN.gov (317) 508-4204
IN David Douglass dadouglass@dwd.in.gov (765) 431-4293
IN Lupe Martinez lmartinez1@dwd.in.gov (317) 407-6414
IN Mark Mathes Rmathes@dwd.in.gov (574) 584-5562
IN Rene Reshkus rreshkus@dwd.IN.gov (765) 431-0351
IO Jamie Norton Jamie.norton@iwd.iowa.gov (515) 725-5452
KS Gary Westerman Gary.westerman@ks.gov (785) 762-8870
KY Jason Hutchinson Rjason.hutchinson@ky.gov (502) 782-3092
ME John Wagner John.W.Wagner@maine.gov (207) 721-8201
ME Mark Cafiso Mark.j.cafiso@maine.gov (207) 822-3344
MD Mark Pindell Mark.pindell@maryland.gov (410) 424-3246
MA Brian Ottlinger Brian.j.ottlinger@massmail.state.ma.us (508) 977-1407
MA Robert Doucette robert.doucette@massmail.state.ma.us (617) 661-7867
MN Laurie Javorina laurie.javorina@state.mn.us (612) 970-5611
MT Nick Moschetti nmoschetti@mt.gov (406) 444-1630
NASWA Lori Adams ladams@naswa.org (202) 434-8045
NV Roberta Tapia retapia@detr.nv.gov (775) 684-0317
NV Roy Brown rlbrown@detr.nv.gov (702) 486-6512
NH Jonathan Alexander jonathan.n.alexander@nhes.nh.gov (603) 229-4407
NM Chris Zafra christian.zafra@state.nm.us (505) 841-8517
OH Chris Orr christopher.orr@jfs.ohio.gov (614) 466-6157
PA Jeremy Bender jerbender@pa.gov (717) 787-1800
TX Angelia Thompson angelia.thompson@tvc.texas.gov (832) 681-2566
TX Irene Cantu irene.cantu@tvc.texas.gov (210) 582-1718
TX Jennifer Bjorkman jennifer.bjorkman@tvc.texas.gov (325) 670-9547
TX Joann Alvarez tvcemployment@tvc.texas.gov (512) 463-2333
TX Natalie Nelson natalie.nelson@tvc.texas.gov (254) 200-2024
UT Wendy Macis wmacis@utah.gov (801) 455-4087
VT Hugh Bradshaw hugh.bradshaw@vermont.gov (802) 828-4240
VT Larry Forsyth larry.forsyth@vermont.gov (802) 828-4356
VA Robert M. Walker Jr. robert.walker@vec.virginia.gov (804) 221-5054
VA Dr. Robert Walker robert.walker@vec.virginia.gov (804) 221-5054
WA Hannah Schoepp hireavet@esd.wa.gov
WA Mike Ramos hireavet@esd.wa.gov
WA Monique Martin hireavet@esd.wa.gov (360) 704-6451
WA Randi Bowman hireavet@esd.wa.gov (360) 230-1026
WA Seth Maier hireavet@esd.wa.gov (509) 309-6089
WV Chad Ketchum chadwick.w.ketchum@wv.gov (304) 558-1138
WV Darina Shapley darina.k.shapley@wv.gov (304) 558-1138
WI Andrew Phelps andrew.phelps@dwd.wisconsin.gov (608) 901-5722
WY Scott McAdams scott.mcadams@wyo.gov (307) 777-5110


Veterans can also find their nearest American Job Center and ask for assistance with the Hilton Honors™ program for Veterans. The counselors at these job centers can also provide information about other services and training that can help transitioning service members.

Hilton’s History of Giving Back

Hilton’s partnership with NASWA is just one of many initiatives Hilton champions to offer assistance to Veterans

With Hilton’s Operation: Opportunity project, the company was determined to hire a total of 30,000 Veterans, military spouses, and caregivers. Launched in 2013 with a goal of hiring 10,000 veterans over five years, they exceeded that goal earlier than expected and committed to hiring more.

To learn more about jobs with Hilton, check out their Hilton Military page to see what’s available near you.

(Image courtesy of SSKH-Pictures via Shutterstock)