The After Action Review: Tool to Help Veterans & Military Find Jobs

The After Action Review

The After Action Review

Video Transcription

Brothers and sisters in arms, Mike Sarrialle from CareerRecon. I’m back.

Let’s talk about the after-action review

For those that are in the transition period or doing a career switch, and you’re all searching for a job, I want you to remember one tool. We all use it in the military. It was the greatest tool for not only personal but organizational development.

The after-action review (AAR), some people call it a hot wash a debrief, it doesn’t matter what you call it, but that technique alone after everything we did training or real world missions would come together and say:

  • What was planned?
  • What really happened?
  • What did we do well?
  • What are the areas for improvement?
  • How do we take action?

If you do that every night of your transition, takes five minutes to walk through what’s going on.
If you didn’t interview well and got a no, breaking down that interview, and saying, What could I have done differently to convey my value? So that I can get a yes and a job offer.

This tool of self-reflection is not only important in the transition but it’s important in life. It’s the personal self-accountability measure, you take to continually get better as a leader, so please if you’re not doing that in the transition and beyond, start. Again, it only takes about one to five minutes a night, or before you leave work to conduct this invaluable, and effective tool.

Alright, guys. Hope that helps. Mike Sarrialle out.