Do I Need a College Degree

Do I Need a College Degree?

Do I Need a College Degree

Video Transcription

So a lot of veterans asked me, will not having a college degree, affect my career search after the military. The answer that is yes and no. It depends on the job that you’re going for.

I’ll tell you this guys some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, don’t have college degrees but they still tasted rejection because they didn’t have that piece of paper. It’s one of those things that we’ll recommend you knock out.

If you don’t have time to use your GI Bill and go back to school full time and you need to get job because you’re supporting the family, I totally understand that there’s means to knock out that college degree, go to CollegeRecon.  There’s a lot of online universities where you can get your degree while working a job and in fact, a lot of the enlisted guys I knew knocked out their degrees on deployments.  So it could potentially lower your potential for acceleration within the company if you don’t have that piece of paper.  That’s just the facts of life.