Alison Offers Free Online Courses: Veterans & Military Spouses

Free Online Courses with Alison for Military Spouses and Veterans

Alison is the largest for-profit company that believes in free education and skills training for everyone. The free online learning platform is based on the premise that free education for anyone anywhere in the world can help remove boundaries and improve people’s lives.

With more than 4,000 free online courses in 9 categories, Alison is a good option for those in the military community looking to expand their education and training to advance their careers. Alison is an excellent resource for those looking to reskill or upskill.

How Does Alison work?

Alison’s online courses are built by experts in the industries they represent. Course creators come from industries such as higher education, business, the private sector, and government agencies, The courses are built to be comprehensive, built-in manageable portions, and efficiently managed learning outcomes.

Alison is accredited by CPD UK, an independent organization based in the UK. To receive a CPD accredited programs have to showcase they have reached the required continuing professional development standards and benchmarks.

What Courses Does Alison Offer?

Alison’s free online courses are designed to be self-paced and easy to follow. Certificate courses are generally single-topic and take only a few hours while the diplomas courses are considered postsecondary, non-degree training programs that cover several subjects within a particular field of study and can be completed within 10 hours.

Course Categories:

    • IT
    • Health
    • Language
    • Business
    • Management
    • Personal Development
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Engineering & Construction
    • Teaching & Academics
    • English

Course Examples:

    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Six Sigma
    • Sales
    • Accounting
    • Content Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Product Marketing
    • AWS
    • Database
    • Information Systems
    • ISO
    • Pharmacology
    • Mental Health

Who Qualifies?

Active-duty military, veterans, military spouses, and military children are all eligible to take the free online courses from Alison.

Translating Military Experience

Military career fields from all branches such as Air Force Manpower Specialists, Army Administrative Support Specialists, or Navy Business Operations and Management Analyst have important functions that support the mission and vision of the military. Each of these career fields has value that can be easily translated to the civilian sector and further enhanced through courses and certifications.

For example, an Air Force Manpower Specialist is vital in ensuring the mission’s success by ensuring who is needed to execute the mission and the skills needed to support that mission.

Air Force Manpower Specialist

  • Update military personnel data records
  • Ensure compliance with personnel policies, directives, and procedures
  • Monitor retention and provide reports and statistics
  • Maintain database and monitor duty status changes
  • Advise members on official and personal obligations for relocation, training, and promotion to ensure career progression
  • Monitor and execute military personnel programs: casualty program, prepare related reports and documents, assist next of kin of deceased and missing personnel to apply for death gratuity pay, arrears of pay, veterans’ affairs, social security, government and commercial life insurance, and other benefits
  • Conduct interviews to determine individual interests, qualifications, and relevant personnel data

Human Resources Manage

  • Report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics
  • Ensure compliance throughout human resource management
  • Develop and implement HR strategies for retention, training, and career advancement in line with the overall business strategy
  • Maintain pay plan and benefits programs
  • Oversee and manage performance appraisal systems to drive high-performance
  • Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics, and procedures across the organization
  • Manage the recruitment and selection process

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How Do You Apply?

To take advantage of Alison’s free online courses, you will need to sign up for their free profile. Alison does have monthly plan options to reduce the price of some certificates and diplomas. While courses are free, some certificates and diplomas may come with a fee.

What Types of Career Help Does Alison Offer?

Alison offers 3 self-guided career services that can be very helpful for military-connected job seekers. These resources are free to use and can help guide you in the right direction when choosing a career path or preparing to apply for jobs.

  1. Discover Careers – Choose certificate and diploma courses based on careers. This feature allows you to see what careers you could pursue in a particular industry and the courses you can take to upskill.
  2. Personality Test – Understanding who you are and why you operate how you do allows you to narrow down a career field that best suits you.
  3. Resume Builder – Choose from multiple professional templates to help you build a resume easier and faster. You can download several versions of your resume.

Why Are These Courses Worth Taking?

Alison courses are developed by top universities, world-class professors, industry experts, and successful companies from every industry. This means the courses are filled with actionable information that you can apply to your current role or use to make yourself more marketable while seeking your next career.


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