Cut Yourself a Break

Cut Yourself a Break

Cut Yourself a Break

Video Transcription

Brothers and sisters in arms, Mike Sarrialle here with CareerRecon.

Hey, for those that are falling on tough times in the transition, I want to give you a little advice, cut yourself a break. Interviewing is not an organic skill you train for in the military. Some of you are very good at your jobs in a lot of those jobs in the military, carried serious risk, the risk of life and death, and you were trained to do your jobs and doing well.

You guys knew how to take an order, a mission tasking with the commander’s intent (and desired end state), how to break that down from what success looks like to stepping outside the wire… you know that like the back of your hand.

So, guys, this is a new skill, you’re learning about interviewing, you’re learning about updating your resume. It’s gonna take time, and it’s gonna require the thing we all hate, patients.

But, we don’t want you jumping into the first offer that comes to you if you don’t think it’s right for your family. But, I understand taking it, because you need to put food on the table. We want you waiting until you know the right opportunity comes your way, and you secure it,

Alright, guys, I hope that helps, Mike Sarrialle out here.