Don’t Lose Your Discipline

Don't Lose Your Discipline

Don’t Lose Your Discipline

Video Transcription 

Brothers and sisters in arms, Mike Sarrialle from CareerRecon. 

Hey guys. One thing I want to remind you, as you engage in the transition when you leave the military, you leave one of the strongest support networks there is, you leave your tribe. And, all of a sudden you got a DD 214 in hand, and before you know you’re waking up on your mom’s couch thinking “what the hell do I do now?” Because I didn’t prep for this transition, and I need to find a job. Well, I’ll tell you the one thing you don’t want to do. Don’t lose your discipline!

Go – find your next opportunity! 

There’s a reason we are disciplined in the military, there’s a reason they tried to drive that into your day-to-day behaviors. Get up early, workout, and then when you’re done with your workout, guess what? Go – find your next opportunity!  Even when you find it, don’t lose what made you successful in the military. They taught you everything you need to know. Don’t lose your discipline. I’ll see you guys shortly.

Alright, guys. Mike Sarrialle out.