Military Spouse Employment Guide: Prepare Your Mind

Military Spouse Employment

Step-by-Step Guide to Employment: Military Spouse Community – Prepare Your Mind

When it is time to start the job search process, it’s important to be prepared. Not only in the specifics of what you will need to do but also in your mind. You will want to prepare yourself for a future career; figuring out what life in a chosen career would look like, especially during military life. You want to know what you should do to prepare, and what type of personality each career path might require. Preparing yourself before you start a job is a good way to start off on the right foot.

One of the best ways to do so is by listening to others who are working in the same type of job or listening to people who have been through the process. While you can talk to people in your own life, you can also find this information online with podcasts and videos. There is a lot of information out there about the job process, and easy to listen to on a daily basis. 

Podcasts to Assist Military Spouses

Drop and Give Me 20

Drop and Give Me 20 is a podcast for military entrepreneurs. They focus on the real stories and challenges that entrepreneurs experience. 

SO Unbecoming with Jamie Muskopf

SO Unbecoming with Jamie Muskopf shares conversations with military significant others who talk about how they are navigating the traditional workforce as well as actionable strategies. 

The Spouse Angle

The Spouse Angle is a podcast that breaks down the news for military spouses and their families. They host interviews with all types of military and military spouse-related people. 

The InDependent Spouse Podcast

The InDependent Spouse Podcast is a fun and informative podcast for all military spouses, partners, and other halves. 


Virtforce has a podcast for active duty military spouses with topics about work, finding work, and all things employment.  For more info on Virtforce, please visit their profile.

Smarter Career Moves Podcast

The Smarter Career Moves Podcast is to inspire and guide job seekers to help find a new job, write their resume, and other employment-related topics. 

Creative People Podcast

The Creative People podcast is a conversation with all different types of creatives. 

Being Boss

Being Boss focuses on different topics such as entrepreneur mindsets, work-life balance, and more. 

Ask Nurse Alice 

The Ask Nurse Alice podcast is by Nurse Alice Benjamin, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, FNP-C. She gives no-nonsense advice about nursing, and interviews top health experts, celebrity guests, and frontline nurses. 

The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast is all about classrooms, apps, and teaching ideas with a full-time teacher, Vicki Davis. She interviews teachers and educators from around the world. 

Videos to Assist Military Spouses

You can visit our Exclusive Video Series on Career Recon. There are videos on military transition, interview and resume tips, career advice, and beyond. Other companies have also produced videos on these types of topics. 

Take notes when listening and watching, and reach out and ask questions if the podcast has a platform to do so. You will be able to learn a lot about what life will be like once you start your career, and how the process will go to get there from listening to other people.