Officer vs Enlisted

Officer Vs Enlisted

Officer vs Enlisted

Video Transcription

Brothers and sisters in arms, Mike Sarrialle from CareerRecon. I’m back.

Let’s talk about officer versus enlisted. Well, I had the pleasure of being both I started out enlisted in the Marine Corps, I was a recon Marine I attained the rank of the E5 before the Marine Corps sent me to school, and I ultimately became a seal officer. Guys, the line between officer and enlisted has become so blurred because of for-profit education, and that’s in terms of education.

A record of sustained performance and sustained results, that’s what ultimately matters…

A lot of my enlisted guys had masters and some had doctorates before I even had a master’s because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an officer and enlisted, it’s how you performed in the role. Let’s be honest with officers, there are great officers, and then there are very bad officers. On the enlisted side, there is exceptional enlisted personnel, and then there’s not so exceptional enlisted personnel, your rank doesn’t matter. It’s how you performed, and how you demonstrated an ability to achieve results.

A record of sustained performance and sustained results, that’s what ultimately matters, if that’s what you’re conveying in the interview. But don’t think that because you’re an E5 coming out of the Army or Marine Corps, that you’re not eligible for certain positions, you are. If you can demonstrate that you have the maturity, the professionalism, and the drive, and the capacity to get those jobs and produce results within those jobs.

Alright, guys. Hope that helps. Mike Sarrialle out.