Military Spouse Employment Guide: What Type of Work Should You Do?

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Step-By-Step Employment Guide: What Type of Work Should Military Spouses Do?

As you start your job-finding journey, you will need to decide on what type of job you will be looking for. There are a few different options. You can choose between being a W2 employee, or a 1099 independent contractor. You also need to decide if you want to work full-time or part-time. There are pros and cons to all of these choices.

W2 Employee

A W2 employee is a salaried or hourly employee. They are not business owners, and they work for the company. They receive benefits and work based on a schedule that is created by the employer in most cases. There are certain laws that will need to be followed, and the company will withhold social security, medicare, and taxes for the paycheck. The company will provide all the tools and supplies you would need, such as a laptop.

Pros: More security, and more long-term stability. You can receive benefits and certain protections.

Cons: You will have more regulations about the work you do. You won’t have as much say in when you work. You have less flexibility overall.

Companies who can help you find W2 jobs:

  • Hire Heroes – they help veterans and military spouses get hired in many different fields. They offer personalized career coaching, expert mentoring, and job sourcing.
  • Integrity Staffing Solutions – they are a staffing agency that places people into open positions in different fields around the country, including remote jobs.

1099 Independent Contractor

A 1099 independent contractor provides certain services to a company. They differ in how and where they work and what tools they use to get the job done. Employers don’t take out anything from their paychecks and they are not eligible for employee benefits. They are their own boss and work for themselves.

Pros: You have a lot more freedom as a 1099 contractor. You don’t have a traditional boss and you have the ability to contract with multiple companies. You can more easily work remotely as a 1099. As a military spouse, this can be a way to find that flexible job you are looking for.

Cons: You don’t have the safety net you might have as an employee. Your job is more temporary and you won’t be offered any benefits. You will have to make sure you save money from each paycheck to pay your taxes as no employer will not be taking the money out for you.

Companies who can help you find 1099 jobs:

  • Freelance US LLC – they offer services for military spouses that are designed to accommodate the military lifestyle. They can help you find jobs in graphic design, writing, programming, business tasks, video, audio, and photo.
  • Virtual Gal Friday – while they are not specific to the military they provide work-from-home opportunities that are more accommodating to work-life balance than a traditional job.

Full-Time Status Employment

Working full-time would be working 30-40 hours, usually five days a week. Many people want to work full-time.

Pros: Working at full-time status can give you better benefits, give you higher pay, and make for more stability when it comes to your career.

Cons: Working at full-time status can mean less flexibility with your schedule. There is a higher chance of burnout since you are working more hours.

Companies who can help you find full-time jobs:

  • Avant Healthcare – this company is for military spouses working in healthcare.
  • American Corporate Partners – this company works with veterans, active duty, and military spouses. They offer a mentoring program and links to jobs with their partner companies.

Part-Time Status Employment

Working part-time is usually working less than 30 hours a week. Finding a part-time job can be good for those looking for more flexibility.

Pros: Working at part-time status can be great for work-life balance. You have more free time during the week and can focus on other parts of your life in a way you can’t if you work full-time. It might even be easier to find a job if you are flexible in the hours you can work.

Cons: Working at part-time status means fewer benefits in most cases. You usually have to work a certain amount of hours to qualify for them. You also may be seen as more expendable than a full-time employee would be. If you are not there as much as your co-workers then it can also be difficult to navigate.

Companies who can help you find part-time jobs:

  • TrueBlue – this company is for service members, veterans, and military spouses looking for a more physical type of job.
  • BreakLine – this company is for veterans and their spouses looking for jobs in the technology field.

As you can see, there are different options based on what works for your lifestyle, your industry, and your goals.